Next Level Membership Features

Members Management

This feature gives you easy access to the personal information of any member and the ability to keep up with it. You can use the Member CRM tools to ensure all proceedings are kept up to date.

Take your membership management to the next level with Next Level Membership. Its automated tools will help you stay on top of dues payments, so you don't get bogged down with paperwork. Plus, its visual alerts will quickly notify you of any issues that need your attention.

You can access the System to view the following details for any member:
  • Name, Address, Family names, Mobile & Emails:
  • Member History:
  • Attendance History
  • Multiple Contacts
  • Payment History
  • Ranking History

Member Retention

Next Level simplifies your daily tasks. Keeps you informed about any potential issues that need your attention. Through visual alerts and reports on member birthdays, absences. Payment delays, you can maintain member retention. Reach out to members when necessary. By making a simple phone call, you can ensure members stay on track and remain engaged.

Membership Registrations

Take your membership management to the next level with Next Level Membership Software. You can set up memberships on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and long-term basis. Track end dates, payments due, and print out agreements. For both parties to sign. Plus, you can enable auto-renewing memberships, retry and fail payments. Every few days, and send email links for members to pay online. Create term or ongoing memberships and add multiple-memberships per person. You can also offer family share memberships, billing through credit cards and EFTs. Auto charge late fees so you're always aware of who's past due on payments.

Member Portal

Members can pay their bills and using the Member Portal. All they have to do is click a few buttons and their payment will to processed. After their payment finished, they will receive an email with a link to view their open payments. The Member Portal also allows them to update their credit card information. For recurring payments, view documents, and sign documents that must their signature. These tasks can all done and , making managing their finances a breeze.

Digital Waivers

Next Level digital waivers software makes paperwork a breeze. By enabling members and parents to sign documents from their tablet or smartphone. This makes the process easy, fast, and convenient. Additionally, signed documents can be saved to the signer's device. For future reference in case of an emergency.

Next Level is an all-in-one E-Signature and Digital Waiver solution. That helps customers streamline their paperwork process. By completing a single form, members. Can provide the necessary information to create multiple-documents, saving valuable time and effort.


With the eSign Stylus and Mobile Signature App. Signing a waiver, permission form, or release of liability is easier and faster than ever. The app replicates the motions used when signing a paper document, allowing customers. To sign on an electronic signature pad. This speeds up the line, increasing throughput. Providing customers with a better experience.

Your members will appreciate the convenience of the electronic signature feature. They can now complete waiver forms and sign certificates. Without having to wait until they arrive at your field, saving them time and effort. This feature will be sure to make your members happy.