Next Level Membership Features


Our Cashier system designed. To make it easy and secure to process multiple-payment methods. Our system enables you to accept payments. Such as: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and ACH Transactions all in one place. This eliminates the need to handle each payment type, saving you time and money. We also provide detailed reporting. Analytics, allowing you to track payments. Our system is secure, reliable. Ensuring a smooth payment experience for your members.

  • Accept payments such as:
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Credit Card
  • ACH/Echecks
  • School Credit
  • Customer Credit
Next Level Cashier additional features.
  • Card on File: Members can use their stored card to purchase additional items such as apparel, drinks or any other items they desire at the Studio Gym.
  • Advance Billing: With the advanced billing option, you can set up bills for your members. To pay ahead of time, giving them the flexibility to plan their payments in advance.
  • Statement: Members with open transactions at your business. Can receive printouts of their statements
  • Credit Memo: Offer your members the chance to set up a credit account. At your gym, allowing them to make purchases without needing to pay upfront.
  • Add Transaction: Enjoy the freedom to generate any transaction. Make the most of the ability to create transactions on demand.
  • Partial Payment: Have you got some members that need to make a partial payment? Our system allows you to divide your payment into as many installments as you'd like. This way, you save time!
  • Collect Taxs: You can choose whether the system collects sales or service tax. Depending on the regulations of your city's government.
  • Muli-Payer: A user's profile may contain multiple-payers to cover any transactions they have made.

Online Payment

Members can pay their bills online with the Next Level Member Portal. They will receive an email containing a link to access their open payments. Allowing them to pay their membership dues.

Credit Card & ACH Processing Payment

Are you feeling the strain of managing a gym all by yourself?

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting dues from members. With automated billing. Their dues will charged on pre-determined dates. Eliminating the need for month-to-month follow-ups. This will free up more time for you to focus on sales and club management. While also providing members with a hassle-free way to pay their dues.

Let Next Level take the burden off your shoulders and take care of all your back office processes.

Convenience for your members and family guaranteed. With no need to worry about paying their dues.

Say goodbye to the manual tracking and collection of dues. With Next Level's automated billing and payment processing. You can manage members' dues with a single click. Members and family can provide their credit card or e-check details to the system. For safe payment processing, and funds can deposited into your account. No more waiting – Next Level has you covered.