Next Level Membership Features

Prospect Management

Next Level Membership Software is the perfect tool for gym owners. To optimize and simplify their prospect management process. Our easy-to-use grid view feature allows you. To view all your new prospects, prospects on trial, and much more. Get an overview of all their information. Set tasks, add history, and set up trial memberships--all in one place. Make managing your prospects simple and efficient.

  • Prospect Web-Form: Prospect Contact Forms is a convenient way. To connect your Academy, Studio, Dojo, and Gym's website. To the Next Level Membership software. It allows prospects to submit their personal information. Taking the first step in joining your organization.
  • Create Lead Opportunities: You can maintain a record of Prospect' past actions. By entering history notes and following updates into the System.
  • Interest: By using our easy search feature. You can find leads based on their type of interest and opportunity. You can further refine your search by selecting from a range of activities. Such as Kids Karate, Boot Camp, After School, Kickboxing, or any other programs you have offered.
  • Trial Membership: Offer your hesitant prospect a chance to experience. The benefits of your program. By signing up for a paid four to six week trial membership through our prospect manager.
  • Update: Update the status, keep track of follow up dates, and record leave history within this feature.
  • Member Convert: Just-click a few buttons. You can begin the membership process for your prospects in no time. Start your prospects off on the right foot with a membership to your studio gym.

Prospect Web-Form

Creating your Prospect Form for your website is essential order. To make a great first impression on potential users. Instead of spending hours coding in HTML, CSS, and PHP. You can use the built-in Prospect Forms offered by Next Level Membership Software. Once the user submits their entry, they can taken back to your website. Or, you can use the Next Level feature to create a custom confirmation page. Send them to your online trial special. This makes the user experience more seamless and efficient.

Lead Source

Gym owners, use Lead Source by Next Level Membership. To track where your prospects are coming from. Set up contact forms on your website to capture leads from sources like Facebook and Google Ads. Or create your own custom Lead Source within Next Level. Keep tabs on where your prospects are coming from, so you can make the best use of your marketing efforts.