Next Level Membership Features

Martial Arts Belt Ranking & Promotions System

Take your Martial Arts business to the next level. Our simple, configurable Promotions System fits into your Martial Arts program. Automates the belt testing process. With the ability to save martial arts rankings and belt exam results. Tou can access reports to track the belt rank levels of each member. Pre-define your belts, colors, requirements, and exam parameters into the System. Take your business one step further.


Multiple-Discipline allows you to give your members access. To multiple-martial arts styles, including Taekwondo, Karate Style, Jujitsu, Boxing, and more. You can also track their progress as they pursue each style and set up exams for each discipline. With Multiple-Discipline. You can ensure your members are getting the most out of their martial arts program.

Multiple-Belt Rank System

Are you looking for a way to streamline the belt ranking system for your martial arts school? Our Multi-Belt Rank System is the perfect solution. With a Little Dragons or Little Ninja program. Our system enables you to customize the belt ranking tracking feature. To meet the specific needs of your dojo or fighting gym. This allows you to create multiple-distinct belt systems based on age group. Giving you the flexibility to give each member the ranking system they deserve. With our Multi-Belt Rank System, you can track. Your martial arts school’s belt ranking system. Ensure that everyone is progressing at their own pace.

Member Belt Promotions

As a gym owner with a martial arts program. You can use Next Level Membership to streamline your belt promotions. With one tab, you can keep track of who is ready for belt promotion. The belt exam roster tab allows you to create exams with ease. Add members to exams and transactions of testing fees and check balances. Plus, you can export your belt promotion member list. You can create exam notifications for your members. You can also download belt orders reports to know what belt to buy.