Next Level Membership Features

Home Dashboard

Access our home dashboard to stay up to date on all aspects of your membership-based business. Get live numbers and status each time you log in!

Integrate live data to increase the efficiency of your business
  • New prospects
  • Prospects this month
  • Prospects on Trial
  • New members
  • Prospect conversions
  • Active, Suspended & Inactive members
  • Members past due
  • Billing about to expire
  • Members not billed
  • Members set to Auto Payments
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Payments received today
  • Payments received this month
  • Past Due on Auto-Pay
  • Total Amount Past Due
  • Members not billed

The Next Level Software Home Dashboard provides an in-depth overview. Of your Membership Business. Here you'll find a wealth of stats and figures. Including the number of active, suspended, and terminated members or students. You can also access a financial summary. View the Dashboard, and take advantage of many other great features. This dashboard gives you an easy way to keep track of the key metrics related to your business

The Next Level Membership Dashboard provides a comprehensive understanding. Of your member base business with a single click. With a range of data visualizations. The Dashboard designed to make it easy for users to navigate. Through complex data sets, tracking relevant metrics and other performance indicators. See your current active students, enrolments, payments, aging, and more – all in one place

Charts Dashboard

Gain insight into your membership business with our advanced. Graphical representations of your data through charts and graphs.

Gain insight into how your business is performing visually.

  • Organic Growth
  • Income Received
  • Receivable Aging
  • Member Statuses
  • Sales by Source (YTD)
  • Payments by Source (YTD)