Next Level Membership Features


Our membership management software designed to be easy to use. Allowing you to stay in contact with your members and keep them informed of events as they unfold. Our communication feature makes it simple to create and deliver notices. To your members, whether they be routine or urgent. You'll have the ability. To pick from several different types of messages to best suit your members' needs.

Text/SMS Message

Keep your business top of mind and stay in contact with your Members on the go with our SMS features. Send notifications about upcoming events, special offers and discounts. Show them you care. Reach out to your Members with relevant. Timely information and keep them engaged with your business.

Email-Message Center

The Next Level Membership Message Center. Is a secure platform that allows members and family to stay connected. It provides the ability to send out emails to all members with one click. Making it easy to update them on class schedules. Upcoming events, and other important information. Also the Message Center designed to providing. An intuitive user interface that makes it simple to manage member information. With its advanced security protocols. Members can rest assured that their data is safe and secure

Automation Emails

Take your membership business to the next level with email automation. Strengthen relationships with members. Through automated conversations to keep them engaged throughout their lifecycle. Welcome new members automatically end anniversary and birthday emails. To make them feel special, and reach out to inactive members with “We miss you” emails. Make sure your members never feel forgotten.


With Next Level Membership Software. You can set up campaigns and automate mundane tasks. Allowing you to dedicate more time to other areas of your business. To set up automated emails as part of your campaign. Select the desired email letter, and select a base date plus the more days after the event.

Send a 2-4-6 Retention Email to members five days after the start date. To keep them engaged and remind them of the value of the service. You can also automate emails in advance. To send birthday wishes and birthday party promotions. For members who have been inactive, send a "We miss you" email to remind them of the benefits of your service.