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Next Level Membership Software is the industry’s most responsive, reliable and robust members management software for Gymanastice School. Worldwide we’ve transformed more, helping owners take complete control of their business, so they can focus on what they love – teaching. Next Level Membership Software is your all-in-one solution to keep your business organized and efficient. Streamline your dojo operations with integrated payment solutions, an app for staff and Members and more! Next Level Membership is power by BlackBeltCRM. Next Level Membership Software is Membership Management System. It is a CRM that is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management. This System belongs to the category of integrated, data-driven software solutions that play a role in strengthening your interaction with the members and ways of doing business a lot better.

Information at your finger tips:

  • You can use Next Level Membership Software at any device, even on your mobile phone, as long as it is connected to an internet connection. Stay updated with all the information anywhere and whenever you need it on the go!
  • Your time is theirs! Let our System assist you manage your Membership business so you can take care of more important matters.
  • We hosts both the application and data for you. You just need an internet connection from your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet from anywhere..
See how Next Level Membership can assists you to manager your growing business.

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Member Agreements

Next Level Membership Software has a feature that automatically adds a member to a roster or a reserved list once he has made a payment. This feature is named as Agreement Management System.


Communication has been made fast and easy through Next Level Membership Software. You can easily communicate with your members, send them personalized birthday messages, and can also make announcements for a lot of members.

Attendance Tracking

Now, you can easily track the attendance of your members through either a manual entry, by magnetic swiping, by scanning a barcode, etc.

Tablets & Computers Ready

Next Level Membership Software takes a big leap into the mobile space with a total overhaul of both its front end design and administrator interface. With the adoption a new framework.

Automated Payments

Next Level Membership Software can accept one-time or happening again credit card or ACH payments all automatically. We have a built-in payment accepting and processing features that make payment processing quite easy.

Global Scale Payment Gateway

Next Level Membership Software is Integration with a Global Payment Gateway with over 110+ Countries.

Next Level Membership Automatic

You can set up automated reminders for reservation and also create custom automation payment & messages.

  • Never let your profits slip away: are you running a huge business and cant personally collect payments from your members
  • Credit Card and ACH Payment: No need to wait to collect your funds individually now. Next Level Membership has got all in control by automatically billing and processing payments on a single click by you.
  • Email Automation: Next Level Membership gives you the feature of email automation.

Next Level Membership CRM Tools

This feature provides you to have easy access to the personal information of any member and to keep track of it. You get access to the CRM tools to make the proceedings.

You can check the following information of any member stored in the System:

  • Name, Address, Family names, Mobile, Home, Work, Work Phones, Emails
  • Member & Family history
  • Attendance History
  • Belt History
  • Multiple Contacts
  • Payment History

Increase Member Retention: Next Level Membership automates most of your tasks but doesn't fall back in reporting you in time about the issues that need your attention. It makes it possible to maintain member retention by creating visual alerts and create reports upon member birthdays, absentees, payment delays. You may make a simple phone call to get them back on track at the right time.

Next Level Opportunities

Next Level Membership Software has got your back while you manage lead opportunities. It allows you to:

  • Create Lead Opportunities: you can do this by keeping track of the past actions of the members by entering history notes and follow updates into the System.
  • Search by Lead type and interest: You can do easy searches based on interest and opportunities type using Next Level Membership Software.
  • Create your Prospect From for your website: these forms make the first impression of your business. These forms are the ways the user interacts with your website.

Next Level Point of Sale

Next Level Membership Software is an easy and reliable Point of Sale Systems that is created with very friendly design to make your job easier.

  • Store: Next Level Membership Software is provided by a powerful Sales Module, which deploys the most advanced sales and management techniques.
  • Barcode scanning is available foe items through the point-of-sale feature. It is available to make the selling process fast and efficient.
  • Next Level Membership Software has a versatile Inventory Management Module. It can track your items with complete detail. Through this module, you will be able to classify your items in a better way and hence organize your entire store perfectly


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Access Our Demo & Pricing Today!!!

See how Next Level Membership can assists you to manager your growing business.