This membership management software is easy to use, allowing you to stay in touch with your members and communicate proceedings as they happen. Our communication feature allows you to do it easily, and means that you can create and send notices to your members as and when required. You will have the ability to choose from a variety of member required communications.

Message Center

With Next Level Message Centre, you can easily manage your Members & Family. Next Level provides tools to support communication with your members and your community. With the Online Membership Management System you can manage your members more effectively.

Automation Emails

Reaching out to your audience is important, which is why you need a communication software with email automation. This not only caters to your members' needs, but allows you to create an environment where they feel safe and entertained. Next Level gives you the feature of email automation. You can now strengthen the relationship with your members through email conversations. These conversations are an ingredient of every member's lifecycle at your business.


Campaign: you can set up certain campaigns using Next Level Membership Software. You can use full automation for the repetitive tasks of your business and hence be able to focus on other parts of your business. You can set up your campaign by creating automated emails. You can do this by selecting the email letter and choosing a base date plus the additional days after the event. Take an example of the situation where you can send a 2-4-6 Retention Email to members five days after the start date. You can automate sending birthday wishes and birthday party promotion emails in advance. You can also send "We miss you" emails to members who are missing.

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