Automatic Electronic Billing & Payment

Automatic Electronic Billing & Payment

Never let your profits slip away!

Our automatic billing and payment system is here to give you a foolproof payment managing system that protects your profits the right way.

Do you have a lot of membership that you need to manage and collect payments from? At the end of the month or week, is it hard to keep track of who owes what? Next Level Membership Software has the answer for you. This system will take care of all your billing needs. You can set up automatic email invoices that are sent out after a certain number of days before payment is due. It doesn't stop there - Next Level will automatically charge the credit cards or ACH/EFT of those customers who have been set to Autopay previously (saving you time!). The system also has features that allow you to send out friendly reminder emails or print out reminders on paper if needed.

Next Level Membership Software has a full suite of automatic billing, payment, and collections options that make it easy to run your business. With Next Level, you can: - Set up automatic billing with autopay functionality for users who have previously opted in - Send out automated invoices and notifications when an invoice is due - Keep track of what's owed and how long its been overdue through the Collections feature of the Next Level System - Send out friendly reminders or collection letters with ease

When you use Automatic Electronic Billing & Payment, the entire billing process is automated. You will never have to worry about forgetting to collect payment from your members because the software will do it for you. It will generate statement and send them to your members as well as charge their credit cards or ACH/EFT without any manual processes on your part.

Do you have a studio with members that are often late on payments? Have no fear. Next Level Membership Software has got your back. Using this software, you can set up your automatic billing functionality. Simply tell the Next Level Membership Software about how many days you want to process the billing before the due date of the payment. Save this information and leave the rest to the software! Next Level will, on its own, generate invoices and will email them to your customers upon the arrival of the appointed date. You will get notified through an email about the customers who have been sent the invoice. Next Level doesn't stop there as well! It will automatically charge the credit cards or ACH/EFT.

Do you find it hard to manage your membership payments? Is it too time consuming for you to collect payments from your customers? Our Automatic Electronic Billing & Payment system will help you with that. It's a simple and automatic way to keep track of all your outstanding payments. It has never been easier or more convenient than this!

Credit Card & ACH Payment

Gym Owner, Are you tired of working on your own?

No more waiting for members to pay dues. Their dues will be automatically charged on pre-set dates. No more chasing them month after month…You’ll have much more time to make new sales or manage your club and the members will love not having to deal with paying their dues.

Next Level will take care of all the back office processes for you.

Convenience for your members and family, as they don't have to worry about paying their dues.

No need to wait to collect your funds individually now. Next Level has got all in control by automatically billing and processing payments with a single click by you. The members and family can give their Credit Cards or E-Check details to the System, and their monthly dues can be processed without a hassle. Funds can this way be deposited directly into your account.

Simply get your members or family to provide you with their Credit Cards or E-Check details and you can start processing their payments right away.

Next Level Membership Software
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