Through Next Level Gym Membership Software, you can easily enter the attendance of the members quickly and efficiently. In this way, it helps the life-membership program they have at their gym’s because otherwise it would take forever for the staff to input each individual person’s membership information. The System uses different methods to do so. A few of which are attendance card barcode scans, plastic membership card, class rosters, and Check-In and checkout. Through the attendance feature you get a full attendance reporting.

  • Barcodes: you can use barcodes to detect members and keep their attendance records. These barcodes can be printed on Attendance cards, Key Tags, or Anything you like.
  • Roll Call" Attendance: you can do a live attendance as well through Next Level Membership Software. You can take a "Roll Call" Attendance from the Mat using either your tablet or phone.
  • Attendance Terminal: The Next Level Sign-in & Sign-out Kiosk is used by Next Level software to either check-in members into a class or lets them train through an individual station.
  • Attendance Tracking: Now, you can easily track the attendance of your members through either a manual entry, by scanning a barcode, etc.
Next Level Membership Software
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